First of all, it is recommended that you print a piece of test paper before adding powder to determine whether there is a problem with the toner cartridge. If there is no problem, you can start adding powder. When disassembling the toner cartridge, be careful not to accidentally damage the toner cartridge due to knocks and bumps. If the scraper of the toner cartridge has a sponge, it is recommended that you do not remove the scraper, otherwise the toner will leak easily after the toner cartridge is installed.

Some friends add toner to the toner cartridge, but simply pour the toner in and it's done without first discarding the waste toner. This will cause too much waste toner to accumulate in the toner cartridge waste toner compartment. The toner in the original toner compartment is easy to mix with the newly added toner, which will cause toner leakage, printer failure to recognize drums, etc. from time to time, and it will also cause printing to be printed. It looks very muddy and dirty. The print quality is affected, so be sure to pour the waste toner before adding new toner.

Failure to clean the waste toner will affect the printing effect
When adding powder, remember that the toner cartridge of the printer should not be exposed to light for a long time, otherwise the toner cartridge may be easily damaged. And when adding toner to the printer, the type of toner must be the same as the model and should not be too much, otherwise it will cause damage to the printer cartridge.

After the printer is filled with toner, remind everyone to be careful when installing the toner cartridge. For example, the toner cartridge must be grounded, otherwise the problem of white page bottom gray is easy to occur; remember to install the developing roller sleeve, otherwise the print will have bottom gray; The spring next to the display magnetic roller should be in good contact, otherwise the print will be white and light writing.

When adding powder to the toner cartridge, it is necessary to pad the newspaper
I have introduced so many precautions, but in fact, adding powder to the toner cartridge is still very simple, and you can basically master it after adding one or two times. Finally, ASTA would like to remind friends to use newspapers and choose a windless environment during operation. It is best to wear a mask to avoid accidental inhalation of residual toner, which will cause harm to our bodies.