What affects the life of laser printer toner cartridges?

①: Leave the toner cartridge alone ②: Place the toner cartridge in a high temperature, high humidity, or cold environment ③: Tear off the seal before use ④: Open the toner cartridge light shield and touch the photosensitive drum ⑤: Place the toner cartridge under strong light ⑥: Pile toner cartridges and other chemical and […]

How to tell if it’s time to replace the toner cartridge?

Methods to determine whether the toner cartridge needs to be replaced are: ①Check the print quality. If the printed text is unclear, has missing prints, ghosting, blurring or uneven colors, this is usually a sign that the toner cartridge needs to be replaced. ②Observe the surface condition of the toner cartridge. If the surface of […]

What Is Primary Charge Roller?

The primary charge roller is a cylinder composed of a metal core and conductive rubber. Its main function is to bring a uniform charge to the drum core to absorb toner, and to eliminate the residual potential on the drum core. The primary charge roller is a new environmentally friendly charging method that reduces the […]

What is the difference between toner cartridges without chips and chips?

1. Different implementation principles The biggest difference between chip-based toner cartridges and chip-less toner cartridges lies in the different implementation principles. The chip design of the toner cartridge adopts smart chip technology. The chip has a built-in program that automatically adjusts printer parameters through real-time monitoring and feedback of printer status, toner cartridge status and […]

Another HP firmware update

THI Tech Hub Innovation Europe has warned of another HP firmware update. Affected are devices that use HP953 and 957 series cartridges. This is HP’s Office Jet Pro range. The latest firmware update is firmware 2349A. THI Tech Hub Innovation Europe said in its announcement that “Jetworld cartridges that work with the latest firmware are […]

Do you know the function of the toner cartridge chip?

1. Store detailed toner cartridge information (facilitates printing and identification of all toner cartridge models) 2. Display the print volume of the toner cartridge instead of controlling the print volume 3. Display area information (some printer manufacturers design different chip codes for different areas) 4. Failure to authorize the printer and toner cartridge passes a. […]

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