Distributor Application

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Our Advantages

Manufacturer with the widest range of Laser Printer & Copier consumables in China


One-Stop Solution

Dedicated to providing our worldwide business partners an one-stop solution for their printing businesses for more than 17 years.


Strong R & D Capability

Invest 5% of our sales amount to upgrade all kinds of equipment every year.Release more than 300 new models every year.


High Quality

With the close cooperation with world-class supplier, effectively guarantee our supply chain.


Test Equipments

Update more than 500 printers, copiers & other test equipments every year.


High Quality Guarantee

Strict QC process ensures high quality cartridges with defectve rate less than 1%.


All-Round Customer Service

Keep customers informed about new market information and share new product information.

Brand Distributor Wanted

Agents are already available in most areas, please contact customer service for details

Six major support :

  1. 1. Brand image support
  2. 2. Product Support
  3. 3. Marketing support
  4. 4. Technical Support
  5. 5. Sales support
  6. 6. Customer Resources Support for Alibaba

Online Platform Distributor

Welcome (Amazon, AliExpress, Ebay, Lazada, etc.) merchant consultation

Six Support :

  1. 1. Brand support
  2. 2. Dropshipping
  3. 3. Local warehouse delivery
  4. 4. All Product MOQ = 1
  5. 5. Marketing support
  6. 6. Technical support
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