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Shenzhen ASTA Co.,Ltd.Founded In 2004, Headquarters Located In Shenzhen, China. The Company Has 510Stas, And The Production Industry Area Over 35,000 Sqm, With 18 Production Lines Andpackaging Lines.

The Main Brands Are ASTA, ACO, With More Than 90 ASTA And ACO Brand Agents Worldwide, And 7 Overseas Branches In Mexico, Dubai, Myanmar, Colombia, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, Kenya. Shenzhen ASTA Co.,Ltd.Not Only Has Strong Technical Strength, Advanced Testing Equipment, Professional And Efficient Organizational Structure, Advanced Management Concepts, But Also Maintains A Stable And Long-Term Relationship With Global Partners, And Continuously Increase Domestic And Foreign Market Share. Because We Attach Great Importance To Brand Image And Customer Satisfaction And Continuous Innovation.

ACO Office Brand - Make Your Office Life More Fun, We Provide And Produce Cost-Effective Products For You, Focus On Creative Office Supplies, Including
Laptop Stand, Phone Holder, Data Cable Protective Cover, Scissors, Calculator, Pen Holder, Storage Box, Stapler, Desktop Vacuum Cleaner, Hook Up, Office Fitness Supplies, Stress Relief Toys, Coasters, Etc.

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Six major support :

  1. 1. Brand image support
  2. 2. Product Support
  3. 3. Marketing support
  4. 4. Technical Support
  5. 5. Sales support
  6. 6. Customer Resources Support for Alibaba
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Online Platform Distributor

Welcome (Amazon, AliExpress, Ebay, Lazada, etc.) merchant consultation

Six Support :

  1. 1. Brand support
  2. 2. Dropshipping
  3. 3. Local warehouse delivery
  4. 4. All Product MOQ = 1
  5. 5. Marketing support
  6. 6. Technical support
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