Because laser printers can print thousands of copies of a single toner cartridge, a toner cartridge filled with toner can print thousands of pages. This has led to a very high popularity of laser printers. Many families have also purchased laser printers. Then we need to prompt the toner cartridge every time the printer Do you replace the entire toner cartridge when there is no powder?

In fact, it is unnecessary. The toner cartridge of the printer is generally composed of three parts: photosensitive drum, magnetic drum, and toner cartridge. Some laser printers are independent of these three parts and can be replaced separately, but more of the three are integrated into one. Many friends will not disassemble it, so they can only replace the entire toner cartridge.

In the actual design of the toner cartridge of the printer, the photosensitive drum and the magnetic drum have a relatively long life and do not need to be replaced when the toner in the toner cartridge is exhausted. Under normal circumstances, the newly replaced toner cartridge can generally print about 2,000 sheets, and the design life of the photosensitive drum can generally reach about 20,000 sheets. Considering that the replacement toner is a substitute brand, the waste toner rate will be relatively higher. It is higher, so under normal circumstances, the entire toner cartridge needs to be replaced when the toner is added about 5 times.

Nowadays, the toner cartridges designed by general printer manufacturers are all three-in-one. It is very complicated to add toner separately, and the entire toner cartridge needs to be disassembled. This design increases the difficulty of replacing the toner, but it increases the profit of the printer manufacturer. Ordinary personnel will not disassemble it. At this time, you need to ask a professional to help you add toner. The replacement toner cartridges generally have a separate powder filling port, which can be easily filled by pulling out the powder plug.

When adding toner to the toner cartridge, it is best to clean up the waste toner if possible. This can increase the service life of the printer toner cartridge, because when the waste toner bin is full, the waste toner will stick to the photosensitive drum, causing a large area of ​​black during printing. Spots or scratches on the photosensitive drum, etc.

Therefore, the laser printer does not need to replace the entire toner cartridge every time the toner is exhausted, which will greatly increase the printing cost and cause a waste of resources.