After the toner in the toner cartridge is used up, the toner shortage indicator of the printer is on, and the toner cartridge should be refilled. After adding powder, use a soft cloth or a brush to clean around the powder box. At the same time, the power cord of the printer should be unplugged, the front part of the laser printer should be opened, and the toner remaining in the machine should be removed with a vacuum cleaner. Paper scraps (be sure not to blow with your mouth, otherwise it will cause damage to the machine parts), wipe it with a soft cloth, and then put it into the toner cartridge. Persisting in this way for a long time can extend the service life of the printer and keep it in good working condition, reducing the cost of frequent replacement of common parts. The outside of the laser printer can be cleaned with a clean damp cloth or special cleaner, and then wiped dry with a soft dry cloth. The printer does not need to be filled with any lubricant. After using the printer for a long time, the printer can be disassembled to remove dust and dirt.