Paper jams are a common problem with printers. Incorrect removal methods may cause greater damage to the machine. After a paper jam has occurred, turn off the power first, and then open the front door to identify the location of the paper jam. If the paper is stuck in front of the fixing unit, it can be pulled out directly to the inside of the printer (When removing the paper, please pay attention to the fact that the toner particles have been heated. Pressurized, so toner will splash, please pay attention). If the paper is jammed near the fixing unit, pull it gently inwards, and do not pull it outwards to avoid toner contamination inside the front. If the paper is completely in the fixing unit, you can pull it out. If the paper is already in the exit area, you can easily pull the paper out. If the paper is jammed in the fuser and squeezed into a ball, and cannot be pulled out from the paper outlet, the tray can be opened, and there is a row of paper marking symbols in the center, which can be opened to separate the jammed paper.