Packing List Printer 1PC Power Adapter 1PC USB Cable 1PC Power Cable 1PC

User's Manual(Including Warranty card, Certification) 1PC

Main Features

Support thermal paper roll / Adhesive paper
Simultaneously meets different needs in the range of media width 25~60mm, easy to operate
Automatic paper calibrate function
Label and bill printing 2 in 1
With U disk function, USB drive with driver and installation instructions
Support mobile device connection printing
Custom interface (optional with Bluetooth 4.0, WIFI interface)
Overheat protection
Disclaimer: This product is a Class A product. This product is only suitable for safe use in non-tropical areas. In the living environment, this product may cause radio interference. In this case, users may need to take effective measures.

The printer should be installed in a flat, stable location;
•Leave enough space around the printer for operation and maintenance;
•Keep the printer away from water and direct sunlight, glare, and heat;
•Do not use or store the printer in places with high temperatures, high humidity, and heavy pollution;
•Avoid placing the printer where it is subject to vibration and shock;
•Do not allow moist air to condense on the surface of the printer. If it has been formed, do not turn on the printer until the dew has disappeared.
•Connect the printer's power adapter to an appropriate grounded outlet to avoid use with large motors or other devices that can cause fluctuations in the supply voltage.
•If you are not using the printer for a long time, disconnect the printer from the power source;
•Avoid water or conductive substances (eg. metal) entering the inside of the printer and, if so, turn off the power immediately;
•The printer must not print without paper, otherwise, it will seriously damage the printer roller and print head.
•When connecting or disconnecting each interface, you must first turn off the power to avoid damage to the printer control circuit;
•When the printing effect meets the requirements, it is recommended that the user set the low-level print density as much as possible to avoid affecting the service life of the print head;
Users are not allowed to disassemble the printer for inspection.