Into the winter, the temperature drops, a variety of printing equipment into the "high incidence of disease", to a certain extent, affecting work efficiency. Summarised, the common problems are mainly concentrated in the following three points:

① printer start slow, affecting normal use

② paper jam, motionless paper jam

③ poor printing results

First, the printer starts slowly

It is best to put the printer device in the temperature environment of 10-35 ℃, the minimum can not be less than 10 ℃, otherwise the temperature is too low easily lead to the printer can not be used normally.


In the low-temperature environment, do not directly power first, so that the printer in the specified temperature environment to stand for more than 2 hours, the internal temperature of the machine rises, and then power to use.

Second, the printer jam

Low-temperature environment, and then after a night of placing, the printer's internal rubbing wheel, pressure wheel and other plastic parts of the thermal expansion and contraction, resulting in a sharp decline in the coefficient of friction; the other part of the transmission system resistance increases, the paper is not enough or too dry, the factors superimposed on the printer prone to paper jams.


1, the printer is turned on in advance to warm up.

2, the printer box loaded with new paper, or the top few come up with a low-speed machine before the normal printing of a few copies of white paper, high-speed machine copy dozens of white paper (do not use waste paper).

Third, poor printing results

Laser printing due to low winter temperatures, the printer's heating components can not reach the required temperature, which is easy to appear difficult to set the shadow, a wipe off the phenomenon.

Inkjet printing is easy to break the line flying ink, because the winter temperature is lower, the viscosity of the ink increases, resulting in poor ink fluidity, ink supply is not smooth line phenomenon. In addition, winter static electricity is also easy to lead to the printer in the inkjet printing process ink point deviation, resulting in flying ink phenomenon.


1, pay attention to the printing equipment and printing supplies placed and used in the environment.

2, pay attention to dust, remove confetti, regular maintenance to the printer equipment.

3, purchase high-quality and reliable toner cartridges, ink and paper and other printing supplies products.


Article origin: zhihu