I believe that printers are familiar to everyone. It can be said that they are office equipment that is often used in daily office work. For many users, in order to save printing costs, many users have questions about whether toner cartridges can be used repeatedly. After all, purchasing toner cartridges is a big expense.
From the perspective of the type of toner cartridges, they can be divided into integrated toner and toner cartridges, separate toner and toner cartridges, and powder-addable toner cartridges. Although they are both toner cartridges, whether they can be used repeatedly needs to be looked at separately.

First, let’s look at the integrated toner cartridge. I want to conclude that this type of toner cartridge cannot be used repeatedly. Due to the integrated design, the entire toner cartridge can only be replaced when the toner is used up. Of course, some friends will say that you can fill the powder by yourself, but we strongly do not recommend this. This will not only fail to guarantee the printing quality, but will also cause damage to the printer, which means the gain outweighs the loss, so it is not recommended that you perform powder filling operations. But the biggest feature of this toner cartridge is that it is easy to replace, so it is very suitable for novices.

Next, let’s take a look at the toner-separated toner cartridge, which can be used repeatedly. Different from the integrated toner cartridge, the characteristic of this toner cartridge is that the photosensitive drum and the toner cartridge adopt a separate design. Generally speaking, models with separated drum and toner can bring lower printing costs to users, because when the toner is used up, there is no need to replace the entire toner cartridge, only the corresponding toner cartridge needs to be replaced, so this type of toner cartridge is Can be used repeatedly.

Finally, let’s take a look at powdered toner cartridges, which can also be used repeatedly. From a principle point of view, powder-added toner cartridges are actually also classified as toner-separated consumables, so they can be used repeatedly. What needs to be paid attention to is the service life of the photosensitive drum, so this type of toner cartridge can be used repeatedly.