Laser printers have won the favor of consumers for their good printing quality, low noise and high speed. By 2012, the market share of laser printers increased rapidly and became the leading product in the market. The toner cartridge is a very important part of the laser printer. The quality of the toner cartridge affects the quality of printing, and the life of the toner cartridge affects the printing cost. Based on years of practical work, the author talks about the storage and maintenance experience of laser printer cartridges, hoping to help users who use laser printers.

In general, the original laser printer toner cartridge comes with a specially designed protective packaging to provide the longest possible storage time. In addition to the sealed package, it is also sealed by a special tape. Based on the production date, the average life of a toner cartridge stored in a sealed package is about two and a half years (referring to storage time plus usage time).

Note: Once the sealed package is damaged, the recommended total storage and use time is six months.

Keep the following points in mind when storing unopened toner cartridges:

1. Place it in the direction specified on the packing box (arrow upward)

2. Store in a normal environment (normal temperature and humidity)

3. Avoid direct sunlight and close to heat sources (such as heating and steam pipes)

4. If stored in a warehouse workshop, the following conditions should be met: After opening the package, if exposed to strong light, the properties of the surface material of the photosensitive drum will deteriorate. If exposed to direct sunlight, approximately 10,000 to 30,000 lux will permanently damage the toner cartridge. Moreover, the environment will affect the properties of the toner.

Keep the following points in mind when storing toner cartridges that have been opened and sealed:

1. The toner cartridge taken out of the package must be used up within six months. After six months, the performance of each component of the toner cartridge will become unstable, and the print quality will decrease, depending on the environment at that time.

2. Avoid direct sunlight or place the toner cartridge by the window. In the hot season, do not leave the toner cartridge in the car for a long time (even if it is an unopened toner cartridge).

3. Avoid environments with sharp changes in temperature and humidity, such as near air conditioners or heaters.

4. Avoid dusty environment or close to corrosive chemicals, such as ammonia or organic solvent vapor.

5. It is forbidden to expose the toner cartridge to an environment above 104F° (40°C).