1. Toner drums, also called photosensitive drums, are generally composed of a basic substrate made of aluminum and a photosensitive material coated on the substrate.
The toner cartridge not only determines the quality of the print, but also determines the amount of money users need to spend in the process of use.
In laser printers, more than 70% of the imaging components are concentrated in the toner cartridge, and the print quality is actually largely determined by the toner cartridge.
Selenium is a non-metallic chemical element, and its chemical symbol is Se. It can be used as photosensitive material, electrolytic manganese industry catalyst, essential nutrients for animals and beneficial nutrients for plants.

2. The toner cartridge is an important part of the laser printer. The current printer consumables (compatible consumables) can be roughly divided into three categories: ribbon, inkjet and laser.

For a toner cartridge, some of the following parts are consumed quickly and need to be replaced or replenished frequently, such as photosensitive drum (OPC DRUM), toner (TONER), magnetic roller (MR), charging roller Primary Charge Roller (abbreviation: PCR), cleaning scraper (Wipper Blade (abbreviation: WB), Doctor Blade (abbreviation: DB), these are typical 6 consumable parts, usually called 6 major consumable parts.

3. The relationship between toner cartridge and powder

Laser printer toner cartridges are divided into separate toner cartridges and integrated toner cartridges. Separate toner cartridge: The toner cartridge is separated from the drum holder. The toner cartridge is used to contain toner. To replace the toner cartridge, you only need to replace the toner cartridge. The toner cartridge is an integrated toner cartridge. The drum holder and the toner cartridge are together, and the screw side cover needs to be removed to add the toner.