With the development of science and technology, printers in daily life office has been one of the essential tools. Often used is a laser printer, and the toner cartridge is a laser printer commonly used consumables, then the use of toner cartridges may appear in the process of several common problems, are how to cause it? In addition to the use of toner cartridges what are the precautions? The following is to provide you with a detailed introduction to the oh!


The toner cartridge is a high-precision photosensitive imaging device, users need to strictly follow the manufacturer's guidelines for transportation, storage and use, in order to prevent damage to the cartridge caused by improper operation.
Transportation: The product should be stacked according to the direction marked on the product box during transportation, and should be handled gently during transit to avoid dropping and falling, thus preventing damage to the product.
Storage: Do not open the package or place the product in high temperature, high humidity, high magnetic and strong direct light before use.

The toner cartridge of laser printer often appear several kinds of problems:
1. Toner cartridge powder leakage: In addition to shell damage, it is usually during transportation or due to the magnetic stick inside the toner cartridge in the process of use, the reason for the accumulation of powder. The solution is very simple, just turn the drum core a few turns in the right direction.
2. Printed documents and drum core at the same time appear more than 1 cm wide longitudinal black road, the general customer also think it is a leakage of powder, which is a problem with the scraper, resulting in the stick on the core of the powder scraping is not clean.
3. Printed documents appear on the longitudinal fine black road: usually scraper and scraper side of the small scraper stuck on the dirt or confetti.
4. Printed documents appear horizontal black road: usually the toner cartridge stick accumulated powder, along the turn a few times on it.
5. If the print document appears on the bottom of the obvious gray: usually the drum core or toner problems.
6. Printed documents are uneven in color, there is a clear white channel: from the outside to see the magnetic stick can still see the toner, if you see the magnetic stick on some places have powder, some places do not have powder, indicating that the toner cartridge toner has been exhausted.
7. If the printer plays a white sheet of paper: first check the printer there is no problem, if there is no problem, it means that the toner cartridge in the assembly problem.

Precautions for the use of laser printer toner cartridges.
1. Avoid using and storing in high humidity, high temperature and high cold environment. Don't tear the seal before using the toner cartridge, otherwise the toner will clump once it gets damp, which will affect the printing effect or cause the printing color to be light. If the toner cartridge has been stored in a high temperature or cold place for too long, it should be restored to room temperature for a period of time before use.
2. Try to avoid exposing the toner cartridge to bright light for a long time. Don't tear open the bag when the toner cartridge is not in use, especially don't open the photoconductor plate on the toner cartridge, if it is continuously exposed to bright light for more than ten minutes, the photoconductor will be scrapped.
3. When replacing the toner cartridge, it is best to use a vacuum cleaner to clean the place where the toner cartridge is placed inside the machine, use a soft cloth to clean the paper dust and toner accumulated on the paper path, and the exposed electrical contacts can be wiped with a cotton swab dipped in alcohol in order to maintain a good electrical contact.
4. Do not take the liberty of turning the OPC drum core by hand, OPC drum core rotation must pay attention to the direction, if the direction of rotation is not correct, will damage the parts caused by the print leakage of powder or print smudges.
5. Do not use folded, wrinkled, unevenly cut or too thick, too hard paper when choosing printing paper, which will affect the print quality and wear and tear of the photoconductor and drum core.
6. Shake the toner cartridge horizontally 6-8 times before putting it on the printer, so that the toner is loosened and evenly distributed, and then pull out the sealing strip, otherwise a piece of uneven phenomenon may occur.
7. Do not open the toner cartridge hood or touch the surface of the photoconductor. Make sure the toner cartridge is away from the monitor, hard disk drive or any other magnetic material.
8.During normal use, avoid hard things (such as staples, paper clips, etc.) falling into the toner cartridge, which may cause damage to the cartridge.

Warm tips:
1, toner cartridge from the box out when the surface may be stained with a small amount of toner, which is in the transportation process of test toner fall caused by a soft cloth to wipe clean, does not affect the printing effect.
2, do not touch the surface of the photoconductor drum with your hands or rotate the drum with your hands, so as not to affect the print quality or make the squeegee reverse due to the wrong direction of rotation.
3, the initial printing, such as the discovery of fuzzy handwriting or periodic white lines, you can print a few consecutive sheets of text paper to eliminate the phenomenon.

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