Printer copier supplies accessories
First, the paper notes:
1, can not use ordinary paper. There are three major weaknesses in the plain paper: one is static, paper jam, sticky paper; the second is a paper resurgence, not stiff; the third is damage to the copier drum.
2. Thin paper is easy to jam, and thick paper is easy to wear the photosensitive drum and is easy to produce bottom ash.
3, the incision is not uniform, torn, wrinkled, curled, broken holes and notched paper, these papers will cause a paper jam and damage the copier toner cartridge,
4. Paper with staples must not be used, which will damage the fuser of the machine.

Second, pay attention to the harm of toner on the human body:
The toner used in laser printers is very harmful to the human body. If used improperly, it may not only cause printer malfunction or environmental pollution but also directly affect our health. Therefore, we must pay attention to the following when using a laser printer.
1. Place the room in the laser printer to pay attention to ventilation. Do not leave the printer in direct sunlight, excessive heat, humidity or dust.
2. Do not touch the drum, which may permanently damage its surface and directly affect the print quality.
3. Don't try to refill the disposable toner cartridge. Even if it is barely filled with new toner, the toner leakage caused by the use will be unbearable.
4. Don't touch the toner, and don't let the toner enter your eyes.