Symptoms of the printer: paper jams. The most common failure of laser printers is paper jams. When such a fault occurs, the indicator light on the operation panel will illuminate and an alarm signal will be sent to the host.

Failure method: just open the cover and remove the jammed paper. However, be careful to take the paper in the paper feed direction and never turn any knob in the opposite direction. If the paper jams frequently, check the paper feed path, and the front edge of the paper is just above the metal plate. The pickup roller is the most wearable part of laser printing. When the paper in the paper tray is normal and the paper cannot be taken, the pickup roller is often worn or the spring is loose. There is not enough pressure to feed the paper into the machine. When the paper take-up roller is worn and can not be replaced at one time, the rubber band can be used for emergency treatment. After winding the rubber band, the friction of the crepe paper is increased, and the paper feeding can be restored to normal. In addition, the paper tray is not installed properly, and the paper quality is not good (too thin, too thick, damp), and it may cause a paper jam or paper failure.

The laser printer output is lightly written
Fault Analysis: The toner in the toner cartridge is less, the developing voltage of the developing roller is low, and the toner is not polarized and charged, and cannot be transferred to the photosensitive drum, which may cause the print writing to be light.

Solution: Remove the toner cartridge and gently shake it. If the printing effect is not improved, replace the toner cartridge or ask a professional service person for disposal. In addition, some printers have a set of photosensitive switches under the toner cartridge that adjusts the intensity of the laser to match the sensitivity of the toner. If these switches are not set correctly, the print marks will be too light.

What should I do when the laser printer output is blank?
Fault analysis: It may be that the developing roller does not absorb the toner (the DC bias of the developing roller is not added), or the photosensitive drum is not grounded. Since the negative charge cannot be discharged to the ground, the laser beam cannot function on the photosensitive drum. Therefore, it is impossible to print the text on paper. The drum does not rotate, and no image is generated and transmitted to the paper. Therefore, it must be determined whether the drum can rotate normally.

Solution: Disconnect the printer from the power supply, take out the toner cartridge, open the notch on the cover, and re-load it into the machine after making a mark on the non-photosensitive part of the drum. After starting the machine for a while, and then taking out the check mark, it can be judged whether the drum is working properly. If the toner is not supplied properly or the laser beam is blocked, it will also cause white paper. Therefore, check if the toner is used up, if the ink cartridge is properly loaded into the machine, if the sealing tape has been removed, or if there is any obstruction on the laser irradiation path. It is important to note that the power must be turned off when checking, as the laser beam can damage your eyes.