Printers are still indispensable


With the development of The Times, it can be said that paperless office has been favored by more and more users, but it cannot be said that paperless office can replace paper-based office.
As far as paper is concerned, it is still an indispensable part of people's work, so it is reasonable to think that printing products are still indispensable in our life and work.

Since the emergence of the original factory even for printing products on the market in 2011, in the past seven years, both ink warehouse type and ink-type printing products have been deeply loved by users.
Its biggest characteristic is the extremely low cost of single page printing and huge print volume, which has refreshed the users' cognition of inkjet printing products time and again.
From the sales of major shopping sites, inkjet printing products sales have been far ahead.

Have you experienced printer clogs?

As we mentioned in the beginning, the weather is getting cooler and more and more units and homes are turning on the heating and air conditioning.
And at this time, the usual use of inkjet printing machine frequent blocking phenomenon, which is exactly why?

Ink-jet printing products compared with laser printing products, the biggest advantages are low price, large printing volume, low cost per page.
But ink-jet printers also have their own disadvantages, that is, if not used often will appear to plug the nozzle phenomenon, and very difficult to clean.
And compared to laser type printing products, much less worry.

Why do printers frequently clog in winter?

In fact, the cause of the ink jet printer plug is very simple, due to the print head in the normal work back after the sealing is not strict, or for a long time, resulting in excessive evaporation of water, eventually lead to the ink particles dry in the fine print head tip, so the ink can not be normal outflow.

But now all manufacturers recommend using the original ink, if the ink mixed with each other, there will be ink and ink between the chemical reaction, printing will naturally have problems, so it is inevitable that there will be clogging phenomenon.

Why do inkjet print products frequently clog in winter?
In fact, due to the cold winter weather, most offices and homes use heat and air conditioning for heating.
But if the printing products are placed next to the heating or air conditioning, or high temperature will make the ink tank water excessive evaporation, which will also accelerate the rate of water evaporation, eventually lead to the phenomenon of blocking the nozzle.

How to prevent printer plugs?

1. As we all know, if you don't use a printer for a long time, it will also cause printer congestion.
Therefore, even if we do not use it, we should turn it on regularly, and the print head will be cleaned when we turn it on.

2. When we encounter a sudden situation like power failure or power failure, we must wait for the power supply voltage to stabilize and restart the machine to ensure that the nozzle of the print head cannot be exposed to the air for a long time.

3. When the ink runs out, be sure to change it at any time.
If the replacement is not timely, it will cause the nozzle dry plug.

4. Be sure to clean the nozzle regularly. When cleaning, use a towel with water and gently wipe it, and pay attention not to touch the nozzle.
And can use the cleaning function to clean the nozzle, can be printed normally.

5, large ink warehouse type printer must be placed in a place away from light, the room temperature cannot be too high, the best use from the regular channel to buy the original ink, do not mix ink.

6, do not use poor quality paper printing, its surface has a lot of fluorescent whitening powder, coupled with the rough wood pulp silk, will contact during the printing nozzle.

Understanding these points can effectively reduce the phenomenon of printer clogging, but also can prevent the problem of clogging.

So, after the blockage, how to solve it?

In fact, as we mentioned, the frequent printer clogs in winter are caused by the loss of water due to the drying and excessive temperature.
Therefore, we only need to cover the print head with a wet towel soaked in hot water, which can effectively alleviate the drying phenomenon of the print head until the ink jet printer returns to normal.

Of course, you can also use the self-remedy method, which is to go to the print preference and perform the procedure of cleaning print headers.
If the printer plug is not serious, three times should be flushed sprinkler head.

In winter, we must not ignore the existence of printer while keeping warm.
Especially for ink-jet printers, temperature is the biggest killer. Make sure to keep your printer away from air conditioning and heating.
With these tips for printer clogs, there is no need to panic about clogs.
In fact, the printer block problem is very common, must use the correct way of handling, so that you can calmly face the printer block problem.