New HP firmware update triggers ‘used or counterfeit cartridge’ alerts, impacting multiple LaserJet Pro models in Europe and Asia.

Static Control released a technical bulletin warning of a new firmware update that impacts the HP LaserJet Pro cartridge range of W1490/W1510/W1520.

HP released a manual download firmware update on 14th February, affecting cartridges used with the HP LaserJet Pro 4002, 4102 MFP; 4003, 4103, 4004 and 4104 MFP devices. The display will show a “used or counterfeit cartridges” warning after the update has been installed. Firmware versions are known as 002.2404A and 002.2404D.

Impacted products are chips used with W1490ACP, W1490CP-CN, W1490XCP, W1510ACP, W1510CP-10CN, W1510XCP, W1520ACP, W1520CP-CN and W1520XCP cartridges within Europe and Asia.

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