First, install software, drivers

1. Insert the CD into the CD-ROM drive. If it does not start automatically, open the file on the CD-ROM and double-click "Setup.exe". Installation tips Step by step to install the P-touch software.

2. Follow the prompts to select the labeler driver model. When prompted, connect your label printer to the computer using the USB cable and turn on the labeler. Once the labeler is detected, the driver will be installed automatically.

Second, connect to the computer

Connect the label printer to your computer using the interface cable.

Third, install the ribbon

1. Select the type of ribbon according to the type of label machine used. Turn off the power of the labeling machine before installing the ribbon, and ensure that the end of the ribbon passes through the guide groove correctly. If the ribbon is loose, use your finger along the ribbon. Rotate the toothed wheel in the direction of the arrow on the box.

2, the installation instructions correctly installed the ribbon, press the label machine power button, press the belt/cut button to remove the ribbon slack phenomenon.

3. You can only remove the ribbon cartridge when the roller assembly of the printer is released. If you press the power button on the front of the printer, or if no other operations are performed within 10 minutes of printing the label, it will automatically release.

Fourth, create a print label print

1. Start the P-touch editor software and enter the label text and other information in P-touchEditor. After editing, press the preview button to display the preview screen (printed content, loaded ribbon width, and print length).

2. After confirming the error, press the direct print to print the label.