The laser printer's toner cartridge is an organic silicon photoconductor, which has the problem of working fatigue. Therefore, the continuous working time should not be too long. If the output is large, you can stop after a while and continue to output. Some users use two toner cartridges to work alternately. This is also a way. As for the maintenance of the toner cartridge, it can generally be performed as follows:

1. Carefully remove the toner cartridge assembly and wipe the surface clean with absorbent cotton, but do not apply force to prevent the surface of the toner cartridge from being damaged.

2. Wipe the surface of the toner cartridge with absorbent cotton dipped in a special cleaner for the toner cartridge. When wiping, the spiral circle method should be adopted, and the cleaner should be wiped clean with absorbent cotton immediately after polishing.

3. Use a gauze with talcum powder to gently pat a layer of talcum powder on the drum surface, and then put it back into use.

4. Usually pay attention to clean up the waste toner in the waste toner collection bin when replacing the toner, so as not to affect the output effect. Because when too much waste powder accumulates, the phenomenon of "powder leakage" first appears, that is, irregular black spots and black blocks appear on the output sample (usually in the vertical direction). If you continue to use it without removing it, There will be severe bottom ash (with longitudinal scratches) at the "powder leak". Finally, please note that the toner cartridge should be cleaned as far as possible from light.