How to solve the problem of powder leakage from HP printers The problem of powder leakage from HP printers has been besetting everyone. Here I will share with you some simple reasons and solutions I know:

1: The influence of powder leakage
HP's color laser printers, especially roller-type printers, such as HP1500/2500/2550, HP4500, etc., have certain flaws in their design. The use of single-component magnetic toner can theoretically achieve relatively accurate print positioning, but the The amount of powder is difficult to control. So HP designed a copper scraper to precisely contact the magnetic rod to control the amount of powder, but because the copper is too thin, it is very easy to deform and cause a gap. However, when the magnetic rod rotates at a high speed, the powder will be taken out of the bin, and it will splash onto the paper and become stains, which affects the print quality. Due to the different transportation environment, sometimes new HP original products will leak powder.

2: Why some fans will not leak
We may encounter this problem when adding powder. Some powder does not leak when added, but the printing effect is poor, very light and uneven. Some fans work well but they are easy to leak. What is going on?
In fact, HP's color toner particles are all around 5 microns, such particles can be better positioned and achieve good printing results. If the particles become larger, the result may be a serious drop in print quality, while small particles means strong lift-off ability, and it is easier to splash uncontrollably. If the scraper is damaged at this time, it may splash out from the gap and cause pollution. Some inferior powders have coarse particles and poor fluidity, but they will not splash on the paper. Some people think that this is a representative of good powder, which is a wrong view. As a result of using this kind of powder, the printing quality is poor, the color cast is serious, the rotation resistance of the toner cartridge is very large, and to a certain extent, the gears are misaligned, which will seriously damage the machine.

3: Solution to powder leakage
First, you have to clean the metal scraper and developing roller with alcohol.
Secondly, since the biggest factor of powder leakage is the deformation of the scraper, what we have to do now is to try to make it back to its original state. The easiest way is to place the scraper on a horizontal table, and press the blade of the scraper down slightly, so that the contact between the scraper and the developing roller is closer.