Why is the printer ink head blocked?
1. The ink head of an inkjet printer is very precise, only a few tenths of a person's hair is small, so if the volume of impurities in the printer ink is larger than the size of the ink head, it is obvious that these inks will block in the printer during operation. Ink head, which is an important cause of ink head clogging in inkjet printers.
2. For inkjet printers that have not been used for a long time, the ink near the ink head will harden due to weathering, which is also the cause of the ink head clogging of the inkjet printer.

How to solve the problem of blocked ink heads?
1. If you find that the ink head is clogged when you print a document, the first method should be to remove the ink cartridge from the printer and put the hot air over the hot water to let the steam evaporate. If the problem of the printer's ink head clogging is not too serious, then this The method should be very effective. It will not take long for the ink head to be used normally. If the ink head is clogged severely, it should be steamed with hot air at a relatively high temperature as far as possible until the ink head can be used normally.

2. Each inkjet printer is designed with the problem that the ink head may be clogged when designing it. The solution provided by these manufacturers is to provide the "ink head cleaning program". I believe everyone knows that this program is actually It is to use a large amount of ink to flush the blocked ink head. As everyone knows, the ink of the inkjet printer is quite expensive. This method can indeed play a certain role, but it is very expensive.