The most troublesome problem in copying work is “paper jam”, which accounts for more than 80% of copier failures. Due to the limitation of the working principle, copying machine jams are inevitable. All we can do is to take various measures to minimize the occurrence of "jam". The paper jam rate of a good copying machine can be less than one ten thousandths and should be about one-thousandth in general. If your copier prints dozens of sheets or one or two hundred sheets, it will be used once. The technician should be arranged for maintenance. If anything else, please call the technician immediately for repair! From a technical point of view, "paper jam" is not a serious fault, but it has a great impact on users. In fact, if you master some tricks, users can get rid of the "jam" problem. The following points help to prevent and reduce "jam":

1. Choosing copy paper: The quality of copy paper plays a crucial role in the “paper jam rate” of the copier and even its service life. Please do not use paper that has the following symptoms

(a) The same paper is uneven in thickness, varies in size, and even has defects.

(b) The edges of the paper are rough.

(c) Too much paper, leaving a layer of white shavings after shaking on a clean table. Too much copy paper on the paper will cause the pickup roller to be too slippery so that it will not pick up the paper, accelerate the wear of the photosensitive drum, the fixing roller, and so on.

2, evenly use the carton: it sounds contradictory to the next one. However, if the two cartons are next to each other, the rotation can prevent excessive wear of the paper pick-up system of a paper path

3. Select the nearest carton: the closer the paper is to the photoconductor drum, the shorter the distance traveled during the copying process, and the less chance of “gambling”.

4. Shake paper: Shake the paper on a clean desktop and then align it repeatedly to reduce the paper hair.

5, moisture-proof, anti-static: the damp paper is deformed after being heated in the copier, causing "jam", especially when double-sided copying. The weather in autumn and winter is dry, and it is easy to generate static electricity. The copy paper often sticks together with two or three sheets, causing “jam paper”. It is recommended to place a humidifier near the copier.

6. Self-cleaning: If the “paper jam” phenomenon that the copy paper does not come up often occurs, you can wipe the pickup roller with a piece of wet absorbent cotton (do not drown too much water).

7. Eliminate the edge: When copying an original with a darker background, the copy will often be fanned into the paper exit of the copier. By using the erasing function of the copier, the probability of "paper jam" can be reduced.

8. Regular maintenance: Comprehensive cleaning and maintenance of the copier is the most effective means to ensure the copying effect and reduce the "jam".

Regular maintenance is also the basic responsibility of the copy machine warranty unit. If “jam” occurs, please pay attention to the following points when taking the paper: When “jam” is taken, only the parts allowed in the copy machine manual can be pulled. Remove the whole paper as much as possible, taking care not to leave the broken paper in the machine. Do not touch the drum to avoid scratching the drum. If you are sure that all the “paper jams” are cleared, but the “paper jam” signal still does not disappear, you can turn off the front cover again, or switch the machine power once.