Printers and copiers are essential office equipment in the office, and the quality of their consumables has a key impact on print quality. Therefore, we must be very careful when selecting consumables to avoid buying defective products. Many businesses in various office communities can now see the recycling of various printing supplies, so what use are these recycled products? What are the requirements for recycling toner cartridges?

[What are the requirements for recycling toner cartridges]

1. Recycling the toner cartridge requires that the original product is used for the first time, that is, the ink cartridge has not been refilled with ink or recycled.

2. The chip and the inkjet head are not burned, aged or scratched.

3. The overall appearance is well preserved.

4. The idle time of the recovered toner cartridge should not be too long, and the color should not exceed three months, depending on the specific situation.

5.A simple method to identify the ink cartridge nozzle is damaged, you can wipe the nozzle with a damp cloth, it looks like a rectangular mirror.

6. Clean and dry, if there is a side up, the two ends are rough, like rust, or there are small holes like pinpoints, which will become a rotten ink cartridge.

7. If you use too much, you can't use it again, and it will be worthless.