Before replacement, check the cartridge levels on your printer’s display.

Select “next” and then select “yes, replace now” on the display screen to start the replacement process. You can also replace a cartridge by selecting “Maintenance>Ink Cartridge Replacement” on your printer’s display.  Then select “next” and “start.”

To replace, lift the entire scanner unit up and wait for the carriage to center.

You can remove the depleted cartridge by gently pulling on it. It should pop up and easily remove with a little shaking motion.

Remove the new cartridge from its packaging. Before you install, be sure to remove the orange clip on the bottom of the cartridge.  This clip protects the cartridge while it is in transit, and the cartridge will not fit in your printer if it is left on.

You will also want to remove the piece of yellow tape on the top of the cartridge. Gently pull on the tape to remove, this will expose the vent hole on the cartridge so it can work properly in your machine.

Now you are ready to install! Double check to make sure you are installing the cartridge.  The “K” on the cartridge should line up with the “K” in the machine.  Line the cartridge up with the carriage in the machine and gently press on it so that it clicks in place.
Close up the top cover and select “Completed” on the LCD display.