Why does the printer print with gray background?

I. New print cartridge

If the original HP print cartridge that you just purchased prints with a gray background, it may be caused by accidental impact and incorrect operation during transportation or use, which may cause damage to the internal components of the print cartridge.

Of course, the quality of the toner cartridge itself is not ruled out.

When transporting and storing toner cartridges, we must follow the conditions of use and storage.

Second, the print cartridge used after a period of time

If the toner cartridge has been used for a period of time, there is a phenomenon of bottom ash during printing. It may be that the scraper assembly of the toner or waste toner box is damaged or the end of its service life is approaching.

During the printing process, toner leaks or waste toner is not cleaned up, which will cause printing dust.

Third, the filling causes low gray print

If you are printing with non-genuine consumables, the printed documents are prone to graying.

Non-original consumables are prone to leak powder due to the lack of expertise and production environment.

Filling can also cause prints to have a grayish background. When filling powder, you need to disassemble the toner cartridge manually or punch holes in the toner cartridge to fill the powder. After reassembly, the overall tightness of the toner cartridge is poor, resulting in powder leakage and forming a bottom ash on the printed document.

Fourth, use a poor quality printer

In the toner cartridge, in addition to toner, parts such as the photosensitive drum have a service life.

If users use low-quality printing paper for a long time to print a large number of documents with low coverage, it will cause a large amount of toner remaining, but the photosensitive drum and the scraper assembly will be worn out, which will result in gray dust, powder leakage, etc. Print quality issues