Question: The paper jam occurs when the paper is fed to 2/3 of the HP6L machine. Is it necessary to replace the sorter?
Answer: The sorter is mainly responsible for single-page paper feeding. It has the imagination that multiple papers will be fed when damaged. It has nothing to do with the paper jam. You can check the lower pickup roller and transfer album. They may be damaged. If the bigger one is damaged, please replace it.

Q: What is the reason for the light print after Samsung 4500 powder is added?
Answer: First of all, when adding powder, be sure to clean up the powder in the original powder bin, and use a metal tool for the powder bin scraper for several times. (One direction) This can clean up the dust on the original scraper, which may be better.

Q: Samsung 808 still reported lack of toner after adding powder?
Answer: Add an 80-chamber safety tube to the groove in the middle of the upper cover of the toner cartridge, so that the reset device in the machine can be broken, and no toner shortage will be reported.
Question: What is the general purpose of the downmix of Minolta 1200?
Answer: Minolta 1200 can be used as EPSON5700/5800/5900