While maintaining and replacing toner cartridges, there are some things that need to be reminded again:

1. Cleaning the toner cartridge does not need to be too frequent. It is forbidden to scrub it with ordinary paper during the cleaning process.

2. During the above maintenance and replacement process, it is strictly forbidden to touch the surface of the photosensitive drum with your hands, and prevent collision with hard objects.

3. Try not to expose the toner cartridge directly to sunlight or strong light sources, and do not open the light shield on the toner cartridge casually. If it is continuously exposed to strong light for more than ten minutes, the photosensitive drum will be declared scrapped in serious cases.

4. Avoid using and storing in high humidity, high temperature, and high cold environments. Once the toner in the toner cartridge is damp, it will clump, affecting the printing effect or causing the printing color to be light. In addition, when the toner cartridge is taken from a low temperature to a high temperature environment, it is best to leave it for a period of time (more than one hour) before using it.

5. Do not turn the OPC drum core by hand without authorization. Be sure to pay attention to the direction when the OPC drum core is turned. If the rotation direction is incorrect, it will damage the parts and cause toner leakage or printing stains during printing.