With the decline in the price of various laser printers, the price of original consumables-toner cartridges has also risen all the way, maintaining a "higher above" attitude. Many manufacturers have also set up various obstacles to prevent users from adding powder by themselves. Operation, as a result, the cost of laser printing becomes very high, and the used toner cartridge will also cause great pollution to the environment. So what should I do to add powder to the printer, if we hire a professional team from the outside to do the powder addition operation, what is the relevant price? I will give you a detailed introduction today:

How to add powder to the printer

First of all, we have to prepare a bottle of toner and diagonal pliers, a Phillips screwdriver, a flat-blade screwdriver, a balloon and so on. Then we picked up the toner cartridge in our left hand and used diagonal pliers to pull out the positioning pin at the end of the gear. Then we grab the plastic gear of the drum core and pull it out with a little effort. After taking it out, we use a flat-head screwdriver to pick out one end of the charging roller, and then use a flat-head screwdriver to gently pry out the small iron pin. After that, we can see that the developing compartment and the waste toner compartment have been separated. After unscrewing the screws with a Phillips screwdriver, the drum core scraper in the waste toner compartment can be taken out, and then a piece of waste paper can be folded into a notch shape. Add powder to the powder bin.

The price of adding powder to the printer is generally different depending on the region. Generally speaking, it costs about 60 yuan to add powder to the A4 printer, and if the chip is replaced at the same time, the price will increase by 30%. . Of course, if your printer model is relatively old, or the printer's hardware facilities are poor, you will need more labor costs, even up to 200 yuan.

In addition, if it is to add color toner, its price will be more expensive. Therefore, the editor here suggests that if you can self-taught, it is of course the best to be able to add toner by yourself. If you want to hire a professional printer and powder staff, it is best to find a professional and honest business to avoid being overwhelmed. Charges.

Laser Printer Matters

The working principle of the laser printer is to first convert the printing signal from the computer into a pulse signal and send it to the laser. At this time, the charging stick has finished charging the drum core symmetrically, and the laser emits laser to offset the charge on the image part on the drum core. In this way, an invisible electrostatic image is formed on the drum core, and the toner on the magnetic roller is adsorbed onto the drum core through electrostatic affair. At this time, we can see the image on the drum core with the naked eye. During the process, the transfer roller conducts the transfer, because the voltage on the transfer roller is higher than the voltage on the drum core, so that the toner on the drum core is pulled to the paper, and the image we want to print has been formed on the paper. However, the toner is floating on the surface of the paper and can be gently wiped off by hand, so it needs to be fixed, that is, after heating and pressurizing, the toner can melt and penetrate into the fibers of the paper. The entire printing process.

Common sense of key components

Photosensitive drum: It is made of aluminum, and its appearance is surrounded by multiple layers of non-toxic organic optical foreign bodies, also known as OPC drums. Photosensitive drums are most resistant to high temperature, high humidity, near fire, and multiple light environments. At the same time, bad touch and scratches when cleaning the drum can cause permanent danger to the drum surface coating. The lifespan of current printer cartridges is generally 5000 sheets, and the A3 model is generally about 10000 sheets.

Magnetic roller: It is a metal sleeve with a permanent magnetic core. It stays firmly in the powder silo. It absorbs the toner on it when twisted, and absorbs the toner onto the latent image of the photosensitive drum through electric and magnetic fields.

Magnetic roller scraper (also called small scraper): Composed of a metal frame and a polyurethane scraper, it evenly controls the amount of carbon powder on the appearance of the magnetic roller and makes the carbon powder frictionally charged.

Clean scraper: When the photosensitive drum completes one printing, the toner image on the drum surface will not be 100% transferred to the paper. Therefore, a rubber clean scraper should be used to remove the residue from the previous pattern. The toner is scraped off and stored in the waste toner bin. If the cleaning squeegee is aging and cannot remove the remaining toner, it will adhere to the page below, showing black spots and lines that are illegal.

Charging roller: The charging roller itself is applied with two voltages, exchange and DC, so it has a double effect, that is, it can charge the surface of the photosensitive drum and can also cut the residual potential after a single image formation. Damaged or dirty charging roller and insufficient charge and discharge of the photosensitive drum caused by the loss of voltage during the operation process will cause bottom dust in the city or affect the printing quality.