Konica Minolta Office Systems (China) Co., Ltd. announced that it will increase the prices of some OP products, including hosts and consumables, starting from April 1, 2024.

Konica Minolta stated that the main reason for the price adjustment is global inflation, rising costs of some raw materials, labor, and operations in the past two years, which have had a huge impact on the upstream supply chain. Coupled with the escalation of global geopolitical conflicts, it has brought greater cost pressure to China's manufacturing industry, and the restructuring of the global supply chain is still in progress. Konica Minolta has also been affected to a certain extent, resulting in an upward trend in overall costs.

It is expected that the supply chain will face many challenges in the future, and the related impacts will continue to rise. As a responsible multinational enterprise, Konica Minolta has made the decision to adjust prices from the perspective of long-term market and channel health to ensure better service to Chinese dealers and customers and promote mutual benefit and development.

At the same time, Konica Minolta said it is still working hard to minimize the adverse impact of price changes on market operations.

The specific adjustment plan will be announced in subsequent documents.

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Article source: rtmworld