1. Different printing paper will affect the printing effect

Normal printing paper is used, and the background color of the paper is dark; the quality of the paper is too poor, and the ink penetrates into the fibers of the paper or melts away, changing the color depth of the pattern. It is recommended to use special inkjet paper, which has a layer of titanium dioxide as the base material, which can make the ink distribution more even.

2. Wrong print settings

Printing has a lot to do with the saturation ratio chosen by the operator when adjusting colors. In addition, the choice of dpi and printing speed will also affect the printing effect. Secondly, it is closely related to the printing software used, such as printing the same pattern with Photoshop and C0RELDRAM, the effect is very different, and each has its own characteristics.

3. Ink cartridge failure

If the ink cavity of the color ink cartridge is cross-colored, or there is air in a certain ink area, this ink will not be printed, and the pattern will be biased to a certain color tone. At this time, a new ink cartridge needs to be replaced.

4. The influence of the condition of the print head

If the print settings are correct, the same paper is printed on the same screen, and their colors are different, which is caused by the unstable inkjet volume of the print head, because the print head will be damaged after being cleaned many times. At this time, it needs to be replaced with a new one. Of the print head.