HP’s recent 50% increase in Instant Ink subscription fees has triggered widespread criticism, pushing consumers to seek more budget-friendly and sustainable printing alternatives.

HP is introducing significant price changes for their Instant Ink subscription service users. Starting January 23, 2024, the company will implement a notable increase in subscription fees across all plans. This adjustment, particularly significant for budget-conscious consumers and small businesses, marks a major shift in HP’s pricing strategy.

The smallest plan, offering ten pages per month, will see its cost rise from 0.99 euros to 1.49 euros, a substantial 50% increase, making the cost per page 0.149 euros. More extensive plans will also experience hikes: the 100-page plan will now cost 5.99 euros, the 300-page plan 11.99 euros, and the 700-page plan 24.99 euros. This is the second price increase since 2022, signifying a significant departure from HP’s earlier pricing models.

Article Source:therecycler