Regeneration Times Report / Hewlett-Packard Co., Ltd. (NYSE: HPQ) announced at the World Economic Forum's Sustainability Impact Summit that it will work with its long-term partner and conservation leader World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) to implement the latest initiatives to promote green environmental protection. Future print business. HP will work with the World Wide Fund for Nature to revitalize, protect and maintain 200,000 acres of forest (equivalent to the size of a New York City). As part of a five-year partnership between the two companies, HP will also support WWF to develop a scientific forest restoration goal, assessing the low carbon and environmental benefits of forest resource recovery and optimizing forest management. The new project, led by WWF, will be officially launched in November. At the same time, these two major forest restoration and management projects have also marked the official start of HP's Sustainable Forest Partnership.

In partnership with WWF, HP, as the world's leading printer manufacturer, is aggressively promoting conservation of forest resources and is actively pursuing meaningful initiatives to achieve its sustainable printing vision. The HP Sustainable Forest Partnership includes not only the procurement of sustainable fiber materials, but also the motivation to take action to protect and improve the forest ecosystem for the benefit of future generations. All consumers who print through HP will use and promote a source of fiber sourcing that is responsible for the green environment – ​​FSC certified environmentally friendly materials. Hewlett-Packard also hopes to contribute to the recovery, protection and optimal management of the global forest, the power and shade.

Tuan Tran, President of HP Global Imaging and Printing Solutions, said: “HP has always used technology and innovation to create a sustainable future. With this vision, we partner with WWF, FSC and partners. Work closely together to restore and protect the world's forest resources to promote industrial development, benefit customers, benefit the community, and shape the green and print the future."

Create a green future

In a five-year partnership agreement, HP will donate $11 million to WWF to restore some of the endangered Atlantic Forest in Brazil and strengthen the sustainable management of state-owned farms and forest plantations in China. Efforts are ultimately expected to protect a total of 200,000 acres of land.

HP will also help WWF to carry out scientific forest resource conservation efforts. HP will provide the necessary guidance for the quantity and quality of forests in key areas to promote the restoration and protection of forest ecosystems and to preserve the natural ecosystems on which humans, animals and plants depend. HP will also support the development of external tools to help companies assess the benefits of climate, water and biodiversity associated with various conservation efforts.

Carter Roberts, President and CEO of WWF, explained: “The declining forest resources around the world are affecting our climate and threatening the biodiversity of the billion-dollar species.” To reverse global forest loss and degradation Companies need to look beyond their long-term perspectives and adopt a forward-looking strategy to protect and restore these vital ecosystems. HP's new projects are likely to bring long-lasting and far-reaching changes and inspire other industry leaders to take action. ”

Call to action

The world's resource-rich forests are currently disappearing at the speed of 27 football fields per minute. HP believes that it is imperative to improve business models, strengthen collaboration and take action. Hewlett-Packard is working with the world's largest papermakers, including International Paper, which produces more than 7 million tons of fiber per year in an environmentally friendly manner, about 50,000 of the world's largest animal blue whale.

In addition, International Paper and WWF have reached ambitious goals for sustainable fiber procurement. The two are working together on the first scientific forest resource conservation work, and HP will join in to promote forest conservation. As a long-term partner and certificate holder for FSC, International Paper is committed to sustainable forest management, conservation and recovery within its internal supply chain and outside the company.

“We are excited to work with HP to advance the conservation and recovery of forest ecosystems beyond our existing fiber supply chain,” said Tom Cleves, Vice President, Global Citizenship, International Paper. “We recognize HP very much. Initiatives that make supplier partners accountable for purchasing behavior also want consumers to know that the paper they buy comes from renewable, sustainable environmental resources."


HP said its paper production has achieved zero deforestation targets and intends to raise awareness of the importance of sustainable use of forest resources, thereby further increasing the need for Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification and forest-friendly products.

“As the world's most trusted forest certification system, FSC's rigorous certification is critical to biodiversity, non-polluting water resources, carbon stocks, and wood and fiber.” US Forest Stewardship Council Chairman Corey Brinkema said, “HP's The new initiative demonstrates strong corporate leadership, contributes to protecting forest resources and actively responding to climate change for future generations, and even if we need to use forest resources to meet our daily needs, we can consciously choose environmentally friendly products."

Hewlett-Packard said it will continue to work to reduce carbon emissions and energy consumption while adding recycling of recycled materials and marine waste plastics to its products. Hewlett-Packard expects to achieve zero forest harvesting targets for its packaging by 2020 and hopes to increase the use of recycled plastics in HP's personal systems and printing portfolio to 30% by 2025.