Recently, some industry insiders said that since the central state organs of government procurement center issued "on the 2013 annual central state organs, office supplies and printing supplies designated procurement related issues notice" ( hereinafter referred to as " notice" , the new rules allow the government supplies procurement market produced a new change.

January 22 this year released " notice" that: " Printing Copying Printing Copying with general supplies that recycled cartridge ( hereinafter referred to as ' general supplies ' ) has been formally incorporated into the new one central state organs and government procurement catalog ( see SCS [ 2012 ] No. 56 ) , is compulsory centralized procurement projects . central state organs and units in Beijing , in the procurement of supplies used when printing copies should be purchased in sentinel providers winning general supplies , general supplies can not meet demand time before you can buy original supplies . "

For the original supplies manufacturers, some of the news suddenly . A US-owned printing enterprises head of marketing, told reporters that the implementation of new regulations on government procurement supplies market impact will be reflected in the service support and sales model two aspects . On the one hand , from the point of view of security services , at present, almost all printing copying equipment manufacturers for use in their products , provision is due to the use of third party supplies equipment failures caused by products not covered under warranty . In such a case, if the general supplies in the government procurement market, large-scale applications , once the printing copying equipment malfunction, and equipment manufacturers do not void the warranty , it is likely to affect the procurement unit normal office order , worse If equipment failure can not be repaired , we need to re-purchase , it will result in loss of assets procurement unit .

Other hand, from the perspective of sales model , and now most printing copying equipment manufacturers marketing profits to some extent dependent on the device later use , that is, supplies revenue, and print copies of the device itself is very low or even negative profit margin . Implementation of new regulations will undoubtedly result in the sales model is broken, and this sales model once it is broken, then it is very likely to improve equipment manufacturers price of the equipment , but in this case , the problem will follow.

However, for general supplies manufacturers, "notice " of the introduction is undoubtedly good news . "For us in the central unit sales in Beijing will be a huge stimulus ." Rite Holdings Ltd chairman Arnald Ho expressed . Arnald Ho said, " because the country is now austerity , general supplies in the strength of innovative environmental safety concerns for the production of generic supplies companies mature and stable quality is not inferior to the original supplies , it is worth to be concerned about , which is also actively promoting universal Tianwei years supplies into the central mining market reasons , in this regard, we have done a lot of work because we know that this is the trend . "