The toner cartridge of the laser printer assembly plays an important role in the imaging of the laser printer, and it directly affects the blackness of the printing. Several key parts of laser drum: toner, photosensitive drum, charging roller, magnetic roller and scraper. Their corresponding roles are as follows:
1. Toner, as an attachment directly melted on the printing medium, the scientific proportion and fineness of its main components play a decisive role (black toner is available on the market);
2. The photosensitive drum is the core component of exposure imaging, and its photosensitive performance also plays a decisive role in the blackness of the printed product. There is already a high sensitivity OPC);
3. The charging roller (also known as PCR) is prepared for the exposure and imaging. The charging result of the photosensitive drum will directly affect the degree of exposure and thus the printing blackness of the printed product;
4. As a direct participant in the entire primary transfer, the magnetic roller plays two roles: adsorbing carbon powder particles and charging the carbon powder particles;
5. If there is a scratched area on the surface of the magnetic roller, this area will not absorb powder, and the relevant area corresponding to the printed product will also appear blank (no powder can be printed). In addition, the 5 magnetic roller has been printed for 3 cycles When (after adding toner three times), the surface has been worn and aged, which will affect the charging effect of the magnetic roller to the toner, which directly affects the amount of toner transferred from the magnetic roller to the surface of the photosensitive drum, and directly affects the printed product. The blackness
6. The main function of the powder warehouse scraper is to control the number of toner particles on the surface of the magnetic roller, and the auxiliary function is to charge the toner particles, so it also directly affects the blackness of the printed product.