Eight Details That Should Be Noted For Adding Powder

1. Please add a test page before adding the powder to judge whether there is any problem with the toner cartridge. Can you continue to add powder?

2. Be careful when disassembling the toner cartridge and do not accidentally damage the toner cartridge due to bumps.

3. If the toner cartridge of the printer cartridge has Haijin, it is recommended not to remove the scraper. Otherwise, it will leak easily after the cartridge is installed.

4. After the printer is finished adding powder, remember to install the developing scroll sleeve, otherwise, the print will have bottom ash.

5 When installing the printer toner cartridge after the printer is finished adding powder, please note that the spring next to the magnetic roller should be in good contact, otherwise the printing will be white pages and the writing will be shallow.

6. After the printer is finished adding powder, install the printer toner cartridge carefully. For example, if the toner cartridge is to be grounded, it should be installed properly, otherwise, it will easily appear white bottom ash and other faults.

7. When adding powder, the toner cartridge of the printer cannot be exposed to light for a long time, otherwise, the toner cartridge is easily damaged.

8. When adding the powder to the printer, the added toner model and model can not be added too much, which will also cause damage to the printer cartridge.

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