Toner quality indicators are distinguished from the following six aspects:
1. Curing power: carbon powder has good adhesion on media such as copy paper, plate-making transfer paper, and tapen film;

2. Fine precision: all kinds of toner meet the requirements of 300-1200DPI laser machine;

3. Blackness: plate-making toner, special blackening formula, increase the blackness of toner particles;

4. Fixing temperature: It is designed according to the fixing temperature of different models, so that it can be fully melted at the corresponding temperature and solidified in a short time, so that the toner has a better fixing effect on the medium and does not stick to the fixing roller , Or fixing film, the paper can be easily separated by the separation claw, reducing paper jam and reducing damage to related parts;

5. Electrical performance: The chargeability of the plate-making toner particles is higher than that of general-purpose powders, and the ability to maintain charge is also strong. Therefore, the toner maintains the voltage related to the machine during the entire transfer process on the magnetic roller-OPC-paper. , So that the toner can be more fully transferred to the paper, greatly reducing the residual powder;

6. Small friction coefficient: The ultra-fine particle toner reduces the degree of friction with the photosensitive drum, which can prolong the service life of the photosensitive drum, and the scraper can easily remove the residual powder.