1. The toner cartridge is used for laser printers, and toner is used for printing; the ink cartridges are used for inkjet printers, and inks are used to adapt to different product ranges.

2. The toner cartridge is filled with powder, and the ink cartridge is filled with ink. The ink cartridge can be used for continuous supply, but the toner cartridge cannot.

3, imaging principle, laser printers rely on laser imaging; inkjet printers rely on ink imaging.

4. A box of dozens of toner can print thousands of copies. A box of about 150 ink can only print a few hundred copies.

5. The ink cartridge has a nozzle. The print head is the core technology of the inkjet printer and the cost is high. There is also ink inside. So the ink cartridge is more expensive.

1. Under normal circumstances, when the ink has run out, the "ink out" light will be on. After replacing the new ink cartridge, the "ink out" light on the printer panel is still on. This kind of failure occurs. One is that the ink cartridge may not be installed properly, and the other may be that the old ink cartridge is taken down and replaced with the new one Ink cartridge.

2. After the ink cartridge is replaced again, the printer will refill the ink delivery system, and this process cannot be performed when the printer is turned off, so that the printer cannot detect the reinstalled ink cartridge.

3. In addition, some printers use the electronic counter inside the printer to measure the ink capacity (especially for the color ink usage). When the counter reaches a certain value, the printer judges that the ink is exhausted.

4. During the cartridge replacement process, the printer will reset its internal electronic counter to confirm that a new cartridge is installed.

Solution: Turn on the power and move the print head to the ink cartridge replacement position. After the ink cartridge is installed, let the printer fill the ink. After the ink filling process is finished, the fault is rectified.

Modern ink cartridges mainly refer to the parts used in inkjet printers to store printing ink and finally complete printing. In the old days, it refers to the utensils used by people to hold ink. From the perspective of the composition and structure of the ink cartridges on the market, in general, they can be divided into: split ink cartridges and integrated ink cartridges.

Toner, also called toner, is a powdery substance used in laser printers to image and fix on paper. Black toner is composed of binder resin, carbon black, charge control agent, and external additives. Pigments of other colors need to be added to the color toner.

When the toner is printed, the monomer remaining in the resin is heated and volatilized, which will produce a pungent odor. Therefore, the national and industrial standards have strict restrictions on the TVOC of the toner. So as long as you buy a quality printer or toner cartridge, you will not produce harmful gases from printing.