The determinants of the quality of the printed document are mainly the printer performance, the physical and mechanical properties of the toner cartridge, and the quality of the toner. The influence of the toner composition on the image quality mainly includes the following aspects:

1. Resin-the main imaging substance, which constitutes the main component of the toner;

2. Carbon black-the main imaging substance, which has the function of adjusting the color depth, which is usually called blackness.

3. Magnetic iron oxide-under the magnetic force of the magnetic roller, the carbon powder can be carried and adsorbed on the magnetic roller.

4. Charge control particles-control the charged amount of the toner after friction to make the toner evenly charged.

5. Lubricant (silicon particles)-play a lubricating role, while controlling the friction charge.

6. Hot-melt plastic (plasticizer)-control the melting point of carbon powder, carry the carbon powder into the paper fiber in the molten state, and form a final firm image.