1. The printer casing must have a good grounding wire. Otherwise, the static electricity generated by the printer will make the performance of the machine unstable, affect the quality of samples, and damage the machine and hurt people in serious cases.

2. The printer has high pressure and high temperature, so you cannot open the case casually.

3. This machine has high power and high frequency of temperature-controlled thyristor de-spreading. It is best to use a regulated power supply alone.

4. When a paper jam occurs during use. Be sure to determine the location of the paper jam first, and then gently and cleverly remove the jammed paper. Otherwise, the relevant parts will be damaged or the paper scraps will remain in the machine and affect the sample quality.

5. The printer paper should not be lower than 52g/m², and the highest should not exceed 130g/m², preferably offset paper or copy paper. Coated paper cannot be used in laser printers. The main reason is that the copperplate blisters due to heating and setting during printing, which affects its use.

6. After the printer is finished, maintenance and cleaning are very important. For the cleaning of the optical part, special attention must be paid to avoid collisions. Metal tools etc. must not touch the drum core to avoid permanent damage. During cleaning, pay attention to the invisible light of the laser and protect the eyes.

7. The user can periodically replace the cartridge core and refill the toner according to the production needs, and the cartridge body can be used multiple times; or simply clean it to obtain high-quality text, graphics, etc.