Powder leakage from printer toner cartridges, in addition to shell damage, is usually caused by powder accumulation on the magnetic roller inside the printer toner cartridge during transportation or during use by some customers. The solution is simple, just turn the drum core in the direction a few times.

1. If the printer prints a blank sheet of paper: first check if there is any problem with the printer. If there is no problem, it means there is something wrong with the printer toner cartridge during assembly.

2. When vertical black lines of more than 1 cm in width appear on the printed document and the drum core at the same time, most customers also think it is powder leakage: this is a problem with the scraper, causing the powder on the drum core to not be scraped cleanly.

3. The color of the printed document is uneven. There is a famous white saying: if you look at the magnetic roller from the outside, you can still see the toner. If you see powder in some places on the magnetic roller and no powder in some places, it means that the toner cartridge of this printer has run out of toner.

4. Vertical thin black lines appear on the printed document: usually the scraper and the small scraper on the edge of the scraper are stuck with dirt or scraps of paper.

5. Horizontal black lines appear in the printed document: Usually the magnetic roller in the printer cartridge has accumulated powder, just turn it a few times and it will be fine.

6. If there is obvious gray background on the printed document: usually there is a problem with the drum core or toner.